Jason was born and raised in the Bay Area. At the age of sixteen, he became interested in photography when he saw the models of the early nineties in fashion advertisements. He turned this interest into a serious hobby, studying and practicing the craft as much as he can. He studied photography in high school and college and was never seen without a camera in his hands.

Realizing that he can turn this hobby into a career, Jason started his business. He has photographed various subjects and events but his main focus has been portrait photography. In the last five years, he has photographed the World Series of Poker, professional athletes such as UFC fighters and body builders, and up and coming models. In addition, he photographs weddings, events and family portraits. No matter what genre of photography Jason is doing, his heart is always in it. His love of photography stems from his desire to capture that special moment in time.

When Jason is not working, he loves to spend time with his wife and two kids. Jason is an avid sports fan and loves to listen to all kinds of music.

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